Panseal Sealing System
Engineered for Performance
Designed for Aesthetics


The most effective sealing system for HPL (High Pressure Laminate) shower wall panels

The Panseal System

Panseal combines a rigid pvc strip with Sealux-N silicone. Each strip has a green tape (green dotted line) applied to the inside face. This is a silicone bond breaker that prevents the silicone bonding to this part of the strip


In a climate of fluctuating temperatures, soaps, shampoos & body wash, exposed sealant attracts a dirty bio-slime film that accelerates silicone deterioration leaving an unhygienic eyesore, hassle or a leaking seal causing property damage
panseal shower wall panel sealing trim


The sealant remains protected inside the trim from the deteriorating effects of modern shower environments.

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panseal shower wall panel sealing trim

Protect your Wood Laminate Shower wall Panels with Panseal

Aesthetic, Durable and Functional